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Neon Colored Mushrooms



for life and mental wellness


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The Mind of a Nation Shaped by Conflict

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 8, or nearly one billion people worldwide, live with a mental health condition. All proceeds of The Psychedelic Blog will go toward expanding mental health services in the country of Colombia.

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Organizing Principle

The Psychedelic Blog posts are organized according to Ken Wilber's Integral Theory which simply frames everything from two perspectives: inside and outside; singular and plural. We'll call the sections: Personal, Culture, Science, and Social

Upcoming Interviews

This blog is part of a journey of healing, to better understand the intersection of indigenous knowledge, cognitive neuroscience, global mental health and more. Join the PB for new articles and interviews from experts in the field.

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About The Editor

Hey there, all you curious minds delving into the realm of psychedelics and their potential impact on mental health! I'm Spyridon “Spyro” Jace, and I'm absolutely stoked
to be on this journey alongside you. Quick tidbit – in Greek, my name translates to "Spirit Healer."

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